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Dogtime.com Resource Guide
27 Maiden Lane, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA
USA,  94108   415-830-9300

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Worldwide canine informational database that would be of interest to all dog owners in the USA and Internationally.
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Chances are you've heard of Cesar Millan, Hollywood's famous dog whisperer. In recent years, he's taken the world by storm, starring in National Geographic Channel's Dog Whisperer and putting out a variety of training books and DVDs. Millan's philosophy? We, as humans, must act as dominant pack leaders; our dogs should behave as submissive followers. Chances are you haven't heard of Ian Dunbar, soft-spoken Northern California behaviorist. Rather than physical corrections and alpha rollovers, Dunbar advocates a trusting, less subservient relationship, treating dogs as companions and family members. Dunbar's training methods don't make for dramatic television, but watching him quietly train--without so much as wagging a finger--is riveting to anyone who has ever tried to teach their dog anything. The website features not just fun and educational resources about everything canine, but also expert advice from seasoned dog care professionals with decades of hands on experience, touching dog rescue stories and a perfected quizes to help you find your perfect dog adoption match! As far as dog owners and aficionados, Dog Time website has something for everyone - come and enjoy....and quite possibly find your next best friend.