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Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots
UAE,  93746  

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At Champion Rottweilers, We Recognize The Importance Of Understanding . At Champion Rottweilers, We Recognize The Importance Of Understanding . At Champion Rottweilers we recognize the importance of understanding the pros and cons of owning a Rottweiler. To ensure that our puppies go to the right homes we may ask a few questions to determine if our Rottweiler puppies in York are the right fit for you. We believe that every Rottweiler deserves love and care and it a More

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Lllreptile Your One Stop Herp Shop! Online Since 1996 Lllreptile Your One Stop Herp Shop! Online Since 1996 Reptile supplies and exotic reptiles are what we specialize in here at LLLReptile. We are dedicated to bringing you top quality service great selection and guaranteed low prices. Quantity buying allows us to sell our vast selection of REPTILE SUPPLIES at unbelievably low prices. We also offer REPTILES and other exotic anima More

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They are both hand raised really friendly would eat from your hand and sit on your arm.They are DNA tested, micro chipped, can be separated, i have them indoors at the moment.These two beautiful birds that are micro chipped and DNA sexed are offered for sale They are very vocal, they likes showers, head massages and being tickled. Like children. They are very loving when you give them attention and are very inquisitive. A loving home is a must They talks, laughs ,sings ,dances (Says around 100 words....!!!!!!) hand reared and tame, can live in doors or out.  They are real characters.. !! They comes with avairy and toys etc.. Avairy is fully flat pack, dismantable for easy transport.. !!! They are very loving birds but has their moments (doesn't everyone), They are free roaming birds and they are never locked in the cage unless we have a guest that are a bit weary of birds or a big group of people, They live with our dog and two young children and all play together, They are very much a baby still and craves masses of attention which we are currently struggling to fulfill hence the reason we need to re-home them. They will be re-homed with everything they currently have so hopefully the re-homing will be easier and less stressful .Please do contact us for more information and pictures at…( divinefrupets1@gmail.com ) Thanks Waiting...